5 Jungle Cruise Actors Who Succeeded In Their Roles (And 5 Who Failed)

Jungle Cruise (2021) remains, without a doubt, one of Disney’s best live-action adventure films since the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Encompassing stunning special effects and thrilling stunts while having a solid storyline coupled with perfectly timed comedic moments, Jungle Cruise has a feel-good quality and is highly entertaining for all viewers. This is what is normally expected of the media giant.

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Besides, Jungle CruiseThe cast of includes major all-stars, featuring household names known for their incredible talents. The cast includes Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt and Jack Whitehall. These stars, of course, contributed to the praise that Jungle Cruise has received. While the performances were great overall, not every cast brought their A-game.

ten Fell Short: Jesse Plemons (Prince Joachim) was something of a nuisance


When evil and funny are done right, it can be a great combination. Unfortunately, Jesse Plemons fails here, and his portrayal is more boring than anything else. Although he had a really funny moment with McGregor (Jack Whitehall) during Jungle Cruise, it was not enough to prevent Prince Joachim from being totally forgettable. It’s a bit sad that it had to be worn by another character to gain traction.

9 Nailed: There’s Nothing Emily Blunt (Dr. Lily Houghton) Can’t Do

Lily Houghton looks to her right and smiles.

Emily Blunt has always shown her versatility as an actress. Moving on from more serious movies like A silent place to take on lighter roles, including the lead character in Mary Poppinsit is absolutely no surprise that she succeeded.

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Blunt’s portrayal of Dr. Lily Houghton is further proof that her charisma and natural comedic acting abilities never disappoint viewers. She effortlessly steals the show in almost every scene, while maintaining “solid form”, according to Frank (Dwayne Johnson).

8 Fell Short: Edgar Ramírez (Aguirre) didn’t seem angry enough

Aguirre sitting and looking sad on a dreary day

Aguirre’s backstory proves tragic after Jungle Cruise shows that her daughter is sick. Aguirre seeks revenge on Frank, who betrayed him while Aguirre was on a mission to save his daughter’s life nearly four hundred years ago.

We do not feel the pure rage of Édgar Ramírez, which he should project for most of Jungle cruise. To someone in his situation, he just appears as if he’s going with the flow. Ramírez is a talented performer, but he may just not be cut out for the role.

7 Nailed: Dwayne Johnson (Frank) is the funniest skipper fans will ever meet

Frank smiling and standing with his arms in the air.

Dwayne Johnson is a legendary movie star. With Jungle CruiseDwayne “the Rock” Johnson continues to demonstrate that he’s not just confined to action-packed roles.

Interestingly, Frank’s character is a bit different from the roles Johnson is known for, as he’s often taken on serious, action-packed roles like Luke Hobbs in the fast furious franchise or Ray Gaines in San Andreas. Frank’s constant banter throughout Jungle Cruise shows a different side of Johnson’s acting abilities, which was nice to see.

6 Fell Short: Dani Rovira (Sancho) moved into the background

Sancho in his "bee and honey" form looking at his comrades.

Dani Rovira’s performance as Sancho was somewhat compelling. Generally speaking, though, it felt like each member of Aguirre’s band leaned more heavily on the CGI that was heavily involved in their characters rather than their acting skills, which perhaps wasn’t. be not a choice they had.

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It is for this reason that Rovira missed the mark. Unsurprisingly, some viewers had few memories of him back then. Jungle Cruise concluded, and only if they pay close attention to the credits will they remember Sancho.

5 Nailed: Jack Whitehall (McGregor Houghton) pulls no punches

A close-up of McGregor smiling.

To say the least, Jack Whitehall skillfully brings McGregor to life. These comedies need a character who is (initially) a fish out of water. McGregor is someone who makes sarcastic remarks and can’t live without fancy things, which all play into the the humor of Jungle Cruise. Whitehall embodies McGregor with ease.

Also, the scene where he subtly discusses his sexuality with Frank is moving. It creates a refreshingly vulnerable moment between two male characters. Audiences remember important conversation long after watching Jungle Cruiseand it’s all thanks to Whitehall’s brilliant delivery.

4 Fell Short: Andy Nyman (Sir James Hobbs-Coddington) Exaggerates the ‘I’m Better Than You’ Law

Sir James Hobbs-Coddington standing and smiling.

Overaction was the only reason Andy Nyman missed the mark during Sir James Hobbs-Coddington’s performance. At first, in particular, his theatrical speech when patronizing McGregor could have been slowed down a bit.

While including smart but arrogant characters in films can be essential, Jungle Cruise Also could have benefited from the addition of a few sarcastic quips to make his brief appearance more interesting. Nevertheless, Andy Nyman tried too hard, and it ended up backfiring.

3 Nailed: Everyone felt the excitement of Paul Giamatti (Nilo Nemolato)

Nilo looks angry on a boat while holding his pet parrot.

No one doubts that Paul Giamatti is a Hollywood legend. Although he didn’t have a starring role in Jungle Cruise, his acting experience stands out. He’s played many characters who face intense situations and he brings so much conviction to the table.

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He does it again as Nilo in Jungle Cruise, especially when encountering Proxima, Frank’s pet jaguar. His knack for intensity, whether it’s conveying fear, anger or joy, captivates viewers every time he hits the big screen. Jungle Cruise is no exception and Giamatti has left moviegoers very satisfied.

2 Fell Short: Quim Gutierrez (Melchor) needed more enthusiasm

Quim Gutierrez in a navy blue t-shirt standing and staring at something.

Melchor was vicious in his actions, but his face says otherwise. Even though Melchor was meant to be a passive character throughout Jungle Cruise, it also shouldn’t imply that he should have a deadpan facial expression. When the characters attack people, the audience doesn’t expect an expressionless face.

Quim Gutierrez adding pep to his performance could have made the character more intentional. Unfortunately, Quim Gutierrez failed in his role.

1 Nailed It: Veronica Falcón (Trader Sam) is a likable supporting character

Shopkeeper Sam angrily confronts Frank about cheating on Lily and McGregor.

Trader Sam’s character is hilarious. The success of this character is mainly due to Veronica Falcón’s ability to play very well with the energy of Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. The spirit that Falcón possesses as Trader Sam is exactly what the main characters need, which clearly indicates that she served her purpose.

She nails the priceless moments that Jungle Cruise Trader Sam offers, to like confronting Frank about cheating on Lily and McGregor in the middle of staging a performance that Frank had requested.

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