Another Carnival cruise ship gets a new livery

Carnival Conquestcurrently out of service for routine drydock, received the new red, white and blue hull colors being rolled out across the fleet.

In just a few days, the ship will return to guest operations, all revamped for guest enjoyment.

New hull colors on Carnival Conquest

The 110,000 gross tons Carnival Conquest looks dynamic in her new hull livery, the graceful red, white and blue coloring first introduced with the new flagship of the fleet, Mardi Grasin 2021.

Over the past 16 months, the new design has been added to more vessels as they undergo scheduled maintenance in drydock. To date, just over half of the fleet now wears the new colours.

The new livery, meant to recall the graceful waves of the ocean as well as Carnival’s signature red-white-blue colors, is a rich blue hull topped with a thin red line, with a thin white line separating the two bright colors .

Carnival Conquest drydock

The coloring starts high on the bow of each vessel, but sweeps towards the waterline as it extends aft. The ship’s name is painted in white on the bow, inside the blue coloring.

Regular painting of a cruise ship’s hull is essential for proper maintenance. Repainting a ship provides better protection against seawater corrosion, as well as a decrease in resistance as the ship moves through water, improving fuel efficiency and reducing engine wear.

In addition to repainting Fun Ships as they enter dry dock, new ships debut with the new colors. The newly renamed Luminous Carnivalwhich is approaching its entry into the Carnival Cruise Line fleet, also received the new colors on its hull as well as its classic funnel, and the Coming Carnival Celebration will sport its bold hull when it debuts in November.

Why Ships Have Distinctive Hulls

Having unique hull colors or designs can help make cruise ships identifiable from a distance and serves as a distinctive mark for a cruise line.

Carnival Cruise Line has used the easily recognizable “whale’s tale” split-pile funnel as its signature since this unique piece was first installed on the old carnival ship tropical in 1982. tropical was the first cruise ship ever built for Carnival Cruise Line, and all ships since have sported the same Joe Farcus funnel design.

Carnival Magic New livery
Courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line

Now, Carnival Cruise Line’s new livery adds even more distinction to each ship, from the trio of colors to the graceful swoop that gives the ship the illusion of speed and movement.

Many cruise lines rely on hull coloring as part of their identity. Norwegian Cruise Line ships feature some of the most elaborate hull designs of any cruise ship, with their custom and themed artwork of names such as Peter Max, David “Lebo” Le Batard, Guy Harvey and Robert Wyland.

Other cruise lines have more coordinated designs, such as British cruise line P&O Cruises’ British flag pattern, Cunard Line’s classic nautical dark hulls, the Individualized Virgin Voyages “sirens”or the iconic “Princess Seawitch” from Princess Cruises.

Carnival Conquest Dry Dock Update

Carnival Conquest received more than a new hull paint job while the ship was dry docked. The ship has also had routine hotel maintenance, which usually includes updating linens or cabin fixtures if necessary.

Throughout all public areas of the ship, updates have also been made to wall coverings, carpeting, floor tiles, lighting and paint as required. Other updates from different sites may also have been made.

Carnival Conquest cruise ship
Photo credit: SeregaSibTravel /

The ship’s last drydock was in 2017 and only included minor updates, but as the ship was out of service during the pandemic, there may not be as much wear and tear in public areas and on the materials of the cabins than planned for the moment.

Carnival Conquest has been in drydock since early September and will resume service on Monday October 10, accommodating up to 2,980 guests based on double occupancy, and up to 3,966 passengers if fully booked with each berth occupied.

The ship’s first sailing will be a 4-night round trip to the Western Caribbean from Miami, visiting Key West and Cozumel. The ship will remain in Miami, offering 3-4 night sailings to the Bahamas and the Western Caribbean.

Carnival Conquest cruise ship

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