Bow Tile Collection by MUT Design for Harmony

Dezeen showroom: MUT Design and Spanish brand Harmony have collaborated to produce Bow, a collection of wall tiles influenced by the traditional clay tile roofs of the Mediterranean.

Designed by MUT Design founders Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón, Bow tiles have a sculptural, concave shape and are available in a gloss and matte finish.

The Bow collection is inspired by traditional Mediterranean tiles

“The range is reminiscent of roof tiles but has been transformed into a series of modern wall tiles,” said Aidan Roche, sales manager of Peronda, Harmony’s parent company.

“Like many products designed by the creative duo Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón, an everyday object has been redefined, and their emotional approach to surfaces is reminiscent of the sky, the sea and the terracotta by the sun of southern climates.”

Beige knot wall tiles
Tiles are available in matte and gloss finish

Bow tiles are available in a standard size of 6 by 18 inches and in a range of colors including Azure, White, Teal, Silver and Brown.

“Colors can be combined in different ways, either over large areas or to add a complementary decorative touch,” Roche explained.

Harmony is part of Tile of Spain, an association of 125 Spanish tile manufacturers.

Product: Arch tiles
Designate: MUT design
Mark: Harmony
Contact: [email protected]

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