Carnival Cruise Ship launches a new dedicated location

Following the vessel’s recent drydocking and upgrades, Carnival Conquest is now home to the first dedicated pickleball court for the Fun Ship fleet, located on the top deck of the ship and offering exceptional views as well as energetic competition for this popular sport.

New pickleball court added during dry dock

The new court, designed exclusively for pickleball, was added when the ship was recently dry-docked and gives passengers the opportunity to enjoy this burgeoning sport.

Pickleball, which can be played by players of all ages and abilities, is a fast-paced sport that combines tennis, badminton and table tennis. Players hit a perforated hollow ball over a net using solid-faced paddles and can play singles or doubles. Depending on the facilities, pickleball can be played indoors or outdoors.

Carnival ConquestThe new court is outdoors, offering great sea views and plenty of sunshine for every match.

The game was first invented in 1965, but has recently grown in popularity in the United States and around the world. Over 4.8 million players are in the United States alone, and pickleball was named the fastest growing sport in the United States by the Sports and Fitness Industry Association in 2022 and 2022.

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Crew members on board have already tried the short, giving it a practice session before the ship is returned to service.

Whereas Carnival Conquest is the first Carnival ship to have a permanent pickleball court, the game can be played on several other ships. Pickleball facilities have recently been added to most ships which already have basketball courts, where pickleball can easily be played.

Pickleball courts are typically 44 feet long by 20 feet wide (13.4 by 6.1 meters), while basketball courts are typically 94 feet long by 50 feet wide (28.6 by 15. 2 meters). For recreational play, pickleball could be played across a basketball court, allowing two pickleball games at a time.

Because the courts are smaller, pickleball is an ideal addition to sports venues on cruise ships, where deck space may be limited, and the court can also be used for other sports.

Mardi Gras Sports Square
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Pickleball is one more addition to the cruise ship’s SportSquare offerings, which also include miniature golf, volleyball, and basketball.

Other Drydock Improvements

Carnival Conquestthe first of the popular Conquest class of ships, received more than just a pickleball court during her recent drydock.

In addition to the new sports facility, the ship received routine hotel maintenance and cosmetic refreshes in public areas, as well as the new Carnival Adventures Store and Dreams Studio spaces.

The ADA-enhanced cabins have also been updated for better accessibility.

Finally, the ship also received the new red-white-and-blue livery hull colors who made his debut with Mardi Gras in 2021, and have been gradually rolled out to other ships in the fleet as they undergo scheduled updates in drydock.

Carnival Conquest cruise ship
Courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line

Play pickleball on board

Guests on board Carnival Conquest, or other ships where pickleball equipment is available, can play the sport at their leisure whenever the field is open and available. Depending on interest, there may be onboard tournaments, classes or competitions held on individual cruises.

Cruising sailors should note that the outdoor court will be closed in the event of adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain or excessive wind which may make playing too dangerous.

The 110,000 gross tons Carnival Conquest operates 3-4 night round trip cruises from Miami, Florida, with Caribbean (East, West and South) and Bahamas itineraries available. The ship can accommodate 2,980 guests on board, with 1,150 international crew members providing superior service – and maybe some pickleball tips.

Carnival Conquest Pickleball Court

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