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Puran Chand Sharma
“Remember that the only sign of life is movement and growth” (Swami Vivekananda)
From our rich experience and understanding, we rightly observe that life can never be static, it moves steadily forward and faces emerging challenges maintaining the required balance with almighty nature. If we meditate deeply and ponder the mysterious ways of nature, we come to the conclusion that mother nature is omnipotent and works harmoniously for the purpose of the ultimate welfare of all living beings and their peaceful and purposeful coexistence. In the ancient era, our revered Rishis, ascetics and learned monks studied nature in depth not only from a spiritual point of view, but also did much research on how the variety of human beings and other living species can survive and live happily by virtue of having perfect harmony with the merciful and benevolent Nature. After undergoing laborious penance, they experimented and deduced that the entire universe comprises four distinct realms or worlds.
* Stars, planets, earth, rivers/springs, mountains and sea are constituents of a type of world.
* Another World consists of all kinds of vegetation, from the tiny blade of grass to the gigantic Peepal tree.
* The third category of world includes insects, moths, birds, animals, etc. and the fourth type of world is that of all human beings. The three types of worlds mentioned above were so created by God that they are not independent, nor do they have the capacity to violate the discipline of nature in any way. They strictly lead their lives according to nature and religiously adhere to its principles, nor do they hurt or harm nature. But conversely, this fourth world of human beings has been endowed with a fully developed intellect as well as two distinct specialties, that is, they are primarily independent to think and act as they see fit. They are also endowed with a formidable will. Human beings are capable of establishing their divine purpose either to become a god based on their virtuous actions or to degenerate into a fierce demon by indulging in extreme immoral acts. Second, they have an analytical mind that can distinguish between what is wrong and what is right. Therefore, human beings are also ready to venture beyond the extremities of nature. This special faculty and unique skill of the modern generation of over-ambitious human beings is singularly responsible for the various crises which are rapidly emerging in this world at these crucial times. The other three realms are not truly empowered to operate beyond their inherent nature, so they are unable to cause any kind of destruction or damage to nature’s bounties in any form. Now let’s talk briefly about the much publicized issue of development.
The educated modern man is extremely ambitious and disproportionately inclined to capture the highest state of materialistic bliss. It is at the center of all types of development activities all over the world. Development is the hallmark of the power of the human intellect. There is no question of throwing it in any sphere of life. We live in a highly competitive world, and on the whole, the majority of human beings have an inherent tendency to compete with their peers. It is an inherent human faculty and must be graciously accepted as such to avoid unnecessary enticements and pressures and the endless negative drive for self-aggrandizement. No ifs and buts, development is certainly essential. Life moves slowly and steadily and undergoes many changes with the changing times. Therefore, life must keep pace with development. Life derives its sustenance from mother nature who has created infinite bounties and unlimited treasures. Mother nature can satisfy all needs of all but no one’s greed. The Kaliyuga man has become a serious transgressor of divine norms. He is morally entitled to take from nature’s kitty that which is sufficient to satisfy his real needs and to refrain from snatching even one iota to appease his worldly lust. Attention, the spiritual commandment emanating from our cultural quotient is “Prakriti Ka Dohan Na Ke Shochhan” (Extraction based on reasonable needs and zero exploitation). In this twilight hour of Kaliyuga, the mechanical age, modern man is ready to take a quantum leap to reach the zenith of materialistic development. There is fierce and unhealthy competition between the so-called developed and underdeveloped countries. Any country of a certain value requires rapid development in different vital areas for its survival, for example
* Defense: – We can be very peaceful, noble and true believers in morality, but others can be grossly intimidating and can go mad to swallow us for the fulfillment of their expansionist purposes. We therefore need a strong and well-trained army, fully equipped with high-class weapons, including nuclear weapons. Any casual approach would end in major disaster.
* Economy:- Robust and comprehensive economic development is also very important to be considered as a developed nation.
* Road infrastructure and connectivity, etc. : – This segment is also very important in the broad field of national development. Any form of neglect would be fatal to reaching the world level of development.
The inference drawn is that development being the normal human activity for a better and useful existence must work in harmony with nature which bubbles with soothing magnanimity and is also the eternal source of vital energy and essentials. Therefore, the striking buzz world is the perfect harmony with nature and no superfluous development jeopardizing the natural system and endangering the survival of other species. Currently, mountains, rivers, forests and natural water bodies fall prey to disproportionate human activity in the name of development that is causing a dangerous imbalance in the ecosystem. This must be properly regulated immediately for a peaceful and useful coexistence. “Live on good terms with all. Work! Work! “

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