Four Seasons opens a private resort in Belize in 2024

When it comes to experience-based ultra-luxury destinations in the Americas, few places evoke the senses quite like the Caribbean island of Belize. Its proximity to the United States, world-class diving, hiking, and historic sites are a major draw to this exotic traveler’s paradise.

Iconic brands have taken notice, and today luxury resort group Four Seasons plans to design and build a stunning new property off the coast of Belize, set to open in spring 2024. The exclusive development of the island, named Caye Chapel, will feature 24 beachfront homes and a 104-room resort with lavish bungalows overlooking the sea, and will be Four Seasons’ first-ever private island.

The private island hideaway will only be accessible by the island’s own fleet of planes and watercraft and will comprise 280 acres comprising over 6 miles of pristine white sand beaches. The island oasis of Caye Chapel is located just 16 miles from Belize City and can be reached by sailboat in less than 30 minutes or by plane in just 10 minutes. The location of the property is in the middle of a natural maritime refuge on the border of Belize’s spectacular Barrier Reef. Perfectly located, it is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for being the largest such reef in the Western Hemisphere.

This world-class resort is meant to celebrate Belize’s beautiful natural landscape and all of its unique experiences. Four Seasons guests will be able to participate in a wide range of adventures such as sailing, kayaking, kitesurfing and jet skiing. In addition, snorkeling excursions will be offered on the reef as well as incomparable sea dives led by the famous ecologist Fabien Cousteau.

The resort will feature a beautiful nine-hole reversible golf course with a driving range that converts to a multi-course layout, as well as a full-service spa and wellness center known as Sunrise Sanctuary. The spa-sanctuary also has a yoga and meditation studio, a magnificent swimming pool, an indoor-outdoor leisure and fitness center with a huge sports court, an observatory for astronomy and a nature reserve with private hiking trails.

As for fine dining at the Caye Chapel, a waterfront sushi and omakase restaurant, as well as an upscale all-day seafood restaurant with a farm-to-table bistro table, wine bar and lounge bar with bespoke inventive island drinks are also planned. Additionally, guests will enjoy full access to the poolside cafe and room service which will be included in the Four Seasons’ available dining options.

For children staying here, there will be plenty of fun activities, with a diving school, off-island animal expeditions, an immersive water park and educational organic gardening programs at the Fort, which is a center for children. education and adventure for children. All programs are intended to help young people to enjoy and discover the beauty of the landscapes of the resort and the surrounding area of ​​the island.

Four Seasons cares about the natural habitat that encompasses its new property and maintains its mission and dedication to preservation and conservation initiatives, nature preserves and outdoor activities. On site there is also a conservation center named Cousteau which is committed to maintaining and improving the reef.

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