Harmony of the Seas Live Blog – Day 3 – Sea Day

Another day on Harmony of the Seas, another day at sea to enjoy it.

We started our day with our first group cruising event: the waterslides!

Our group rented the Perfect Storm slides for an hour in the morning which meant only our group could ride the slides as many times as we wanted.

Having the waterslides to ourselves meant minimum expectations to try out each of the slides. I found the slide of the champagne bowl to be much faster than I remembered.

After the slides we went to the pool for a while to relax. The weather was great today, and very comfortable to be outside.

For lunch we decided to go to Izumi for some sushi.

While the Izumi hibachi is for vaccinated guests only, the sushi side is available to all guests.

After lunch a few of us in the party went down to the casino for a few games of blackjack.

While luck didn’t shine on any of us for this go-around, we had a great time doing our best. Also, having a table at the casino just for our group made it much more enjoyable to waste our money.

Our other group event today was the pub crawl, where we try out a number of bars around the ship.

We managed to visit 4 bars along the way:

  1. Bionic bar
  2. Schooner bar
  3. Erase bar
  4. Descend Ultimate Abyss
  5. Sabor

The real pleasure of any bar crawl is getting to know everyone in the group as you go from bar to bar and share a drink together.

Tonight is a formal evening, so it was back to the bedroom to change and get ready.

Dinner took us to Jamie’s Italian, where our genius, Berty, was waiting for us.

Jamie’s Italian rarely disappoints, and although I prefer Giovanni’s updated Italian cuisine menu, I didn’t leave Jamie’s disappointed.

After dinner we went to the comedy show. Once again, Berty had reserved places for us. I was glad they weren’t in the front row to avoid being part of the show.

After the comedy show was over, I had a few drinks in the pub before stopping it.

Tomorrow is our first port call in Saint-Kitts.

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