Housing Complex C hints that a princess is haunting Kimi and Kurosaki

The following contains spoilers for the first two episodes of Housing Complex C, which aired on Adult Swim.

As Housing Complex C continues as part of the Fall Anime 2022 set, it definitely keeps the spirit that haunts Japan’s Kurosaki region a secret. Instead of bloody murders and body horrors, however, residents of the building in question are in denial, ignoring red flags about missing people – accusing them of fleeing.

At the heart of the story is young Kimi, the magnet entity from episode 1, “Optical Illusion”. However, as the ghoul continues to cause incident after incident, it feels like it’s not as random as thought. In fact, it might revolve around Kimi, as she might just be a target tied to the past. Interestingly, while Episode 2 “Mismatched Buttons” adds more grounding information, a bit of reconciliation may have revealed what’s been stalking everyone – especially Kimi.

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Kimi’s house has a dark, otherworldly vibe

Episode 1 of Housing Complex C began with a flash-forward, showing a Middle Eastern man named Kan attacking Kimi and her friend, Yuri, in the basement. This room is connected to the mysterious cave that fans would discover through Taka and Kimi’s explorations – but it’s also worth noting that the room appears to be where a young girl centuries ago screamed and killed a group of soldiers who killed her friend, turning them to ashes. It creates an ambience that the spirit of the maiden – who is said to have power over the moss – has been inhabiting the place for some time.

It could be that she possessed Kimi, making the girl bloodthirsty. Dead animals, after all, are found by Kan outside Kimi’s room in the present, while the syrup for the shaved ice – a project Kimi has been heavily invested in for a party for the residents – had a dog’s head in it. Kimi is one of the few to have had access to the syrup, aside from Kan, so he may find out that she moonlights as a killer. This could have led to Kimi killing her mother, passing out, and being traumatized to the point of denial.

Kimi found Hideo turned to mousse in his room, so this can create a big twist with Kimi’s mother who also suffers this fate. This would explain why Kimi wasn’t so freaked out upon seeing Hideo, as she knew Mulch – due to the possessing entity’s power. At this point, either Kimi is suffering from dementia or the possessed force has warped her mind, causing her to believe that her mother will return. It would be a heartbreaking twist, but it would neatly tie into why Kimi is the show’s anchor and why the mother hasn’t emerged despite all the death surrounding her.

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Kimi could be possessed by an old princess

What’s also telling is the folk song Kimi recited for Yuri. Taka deciphered it as Kimi is not well versed in history, revealing that some people from the Kuzululu clan came to Kurosaki after being exiled. They were said to worship the king, bringing gifts to the exalted land as Kurosaki was blessed by the gods. However, it could be related to the scene with the two women being slaughtered in Episode 1.

It may be that the people of Kuzululu, who initially paid homage to their ancient unknown sea god, were aggressive and actually killed the people of Kurosaki to take over. Chances are one of these young girls is the leader, who is now using Kimi as a vessel. Taka said “Kimi” can also mean “king”, so that’s a big clue. As for what might have triggered the possession, the arrival of the workers from the Middle East might have uplifted the spirit, hating how descendants such as the xenophobic Wada and other residents might not know that their home, their empire and general faith was based on blood – and a lie.

Thus, Kimi can become this tool of retaliation and genocide, with the princess using her to wipe out her people, adding irony to their drive to defend a land they thought was theirs. This ultimately ties into why Kan might end up going after Kimi. It’s not that he’s possessed; he may have just discovered the truth about Kimi’s dark secret and the princess’ stolen land – which Kimi may not be aware of. It would drastically change Housing Complex Cturning the people the audience thinks are victims into the real villains of the story.

The housing complex airs Sundays on Adult Swim.

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