How to get the Harmony Key and complete the event

You will want to find the lost ark Gate of Harmony during the final part of the experience, as it offers tons of powerful rewards and resources for leveling up. lost ark contains tons of different events for players to participate in, including bosses, co-op quests, and competitive quests. Find out how to find this particular one with our lost ark Harmony Gate Guide.

Lost Ark Gate Of Harmony: How To Get Harmony Key

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The Harmony Key is your first step to accessing the lost ark Gate of Harmony, and it lets you access the rewards you can earn for completing the event. The key can be found by participating in co-op sailing missions around Vern, Arthetine, and Anikka. Sometimes the key is incorrectly translated to a balance key, but it will still work to let you access the event.

Catch Jellyfish and Drowning People are two of the missions from which you can find the Key to Harmony. They start at set times, so you’ll need to check when by selecting the stopwatch in the top left and navigating to the navigation tab. Mission locations will be highlighted once you select one, and you’ll be on your way to earning a Harmony Key.

Lost Ark Gate Of Harmony: How To Find And Complete The Gate Of Harmony

Lost Ark Harmony Gate Location
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Once you have the key, you’ll need to navigate to the Harmony Gate itself. This is located between the continent of North Vern and Arthetine. The event only starts at set times, so you can check when the Gate of Harmony will spawn by using the Procyon Compass under the minimap. Otherwise, you can just set sail to the area and wait for the gangway to appear.

Once you enter the catwalk, the event will begin and all players will be divided into two teams and tasked with shooting fish underwater. You don’t need to be on the winning team to win the Harmony Treasure Chest, and it will spawn in the middle after the event ends. Interact with it and use the Harmony Key to open it and earn your rewards. It should also be noted that you can use as many keys as you want. The rewards will largely consist of Gienah’s Coin, which is used to earn the lost ark Roar Emote and lost ark Pirate Coins, and a treasure map has a chance of appearing.

This is our walkthrough of the lost ark Gate of Harmony, and now you know how to get the Harmony Key to open the chest that appears at the end of the event.

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