Midtown Manhattan hides a unique garden oasis (and it’s easy to find)

Marvelous Manhattan has plenty to offer tourists, including upscale dining establishments, college campuses, and cutting-edge art galleries. In fact, there are so many that it’s hard to complete in one trip. It can be helpful for visitors to focus their visit on a single neighborhood or area of ​​the city, such as the ever-popular Midtown Manhattan. The list of top activities and attractions to do in Midtown Manhattan while visiting New York includes Empire City Hall, Top of the Rock Observatory, Madame Tussauds Manhattan, Visiting the Madison Square Garden, the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. , a Harbor Lights sightseeing cruise, and many more. So, this fall, tourists will be able to start enjoying a huge garden oasis again at the Ford Foundation Building, which makes them feel indoors and outdoors! The garden aims to transform the way tourists see NYC by encouraging them to interact with their environment, calm down and enjoy the Earth.


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Midtown Manhattan’s famous garden oasis

The world-famous Ford Foundation headquarters building forms a stark contrast in the environment as one travels west on 42nd Street from the Tudor City neighborhood, which is heavily influenced by neo-Gothic architecture. It looks like a fortress and offers little clues to the true architectural genius of the building from the outside. The facade of the building is mainly composed of glass panels, Corten steel and pink-brown granite. The north and west sides, which overlook the atrium, have 12 floors of office space. The south and east facades are glazed. As well as creating a fluid flow of magical green space between the magnificent atrium and the splendid Tudor City Park to the east, the walls of glass produce a temperate atmosphere that is perfect for the atrium’s subtropical garden.

Inside the structure, a large 10-story glass atrium is centered around a beautiful tropical garden on the ground floor. Amazingly, watering this garden uses no city resources as the roof of the building collects rainfall and the garden is kept hydrated with a stored water supply during times of drought. Looking at the roof, more vegetation is visible. From the upper levels, visitors can see miniature plants and ferns hanging from beams above. The main staircase which connects these entrances is divided into three landings which lead to three-level garden terraces.

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The upper levels of the atrium atrium are decorated with plants due to the planters that flank the margins of the third, fourth, fifth and eleventh levels. Twelve saucer magnolias, low shrubs and ground covers were first planted on the terraces. Later, a variety of lush subtropical plants more suited to the indoor atmosphere took their place. The terraces descend to the centerpiece of the garden, a square swimming pool of calm water bordered by a wide strip of concrete, located at the lowest point of the atrium. The aromatic scent of gardenia and the melodious sound of flowing water filling a swimming pool nestled among the trees contribute to the tranquil atmosphere of the garden.

The Ford Foundation Building was completed in 1967 and was designated a New York City Landmark in 1997.

  • Opening time : The beautiful garden oasis is open Monday through Friday, 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and when the Ford Foundation Gallery hosts an exhibition, the garden is accessible Saturday, 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Please note that, unfortunately, the garden will be closed to the public from November 14 to November 18.

  • Admission fees : Free

How do I get to the Garden Of Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice?

Visitors can find the Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice on East 43rd Street at 320. There are two entrances to the building: one at 321 East 42nd Street and the other at 320 East 43rd Street. Both entrances include power-assisted doors and are wheelchair accessible. Customers are advised to enter through the 43rd Street gate as it gives them access to the corporate reception, hospitality area and Ford Foundation Gallery on the same level. The wheelchair-accessible walkway in the dazzling garden, as well as the lower-level meeting rooms, are easily accessible from the 42nd Street entrance. It is also good to know that all floors are accessible by elevators. Visitors are asked to check with their host in advance if they have any questions about entering the building during a meeting or reception.

  • Means of transport:
    • Getting there by train: Metro-North and the 4, 5, 6, 7, or S subway lines can take visitors to nearby Grand Central Station.
    • Coming by bus: M15, M42 and X21 are the buses to take.
    • Driving a car: There is a covered driveway available for drop-off and pick-up at the 320 East 43rd Street entrance.

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