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The destroyer HMS Duncan saves a yacht in bad weather

Sailors from HMS Duncan battled harsh conditions to save a yacht drifting out of control in the middle of the English Channel. The Portsmouth-based destroyer responded to a call for help from the coastguard after the yacht, with one person on board, was reported leaving off Weymouth without a working engine, electricity or communications – and in a deteriorating sea. worsening sea conditions and reducing visibility, the ship launched one of its Pacific 24 seagoing vessels with a crew of specialist sailors, an engineer and a doctor on board. The stricken motor yacht was drifting rapidly offshore in the wind and tide around Portland Bill and had no flares or working radio equipment on board. The seagoing vessel crew were about to abandon the search as conditions worsened, until Senior Engineering Technician Jack Davies spotted the y the acht mast in the worsening gloom. He boarded the ship, reassured and supported the only sailor on board and repaired the engine in difficult conditions. “The conditions were tough but the team and I had the right kit, in the right place at the right time to answer the call from the Coast Guard,” said Seaman Adam Drozdowski, the boat’s captain. ‘crushing on the bow of the boat. “The individual on board was in the final stages of shock and clearly in dire condition. I’m glad we were able to make a difference. ‘After restoring power to the vessel, the team handed the situation over to the RNLI Weymouth Rescue Team, before returning safely to HMS Duncan. ‘It was really good to put it all in. I learned by doing in really trying conditions’ , Jack said HMS Duncan has now resumed trialsCredit: Royal Navy

June 24, 2022

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