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Break the chains. Don’t Give Infertility the Power to Shut Down Your Parenthood Dream India – Business Wire India Fifteen percent of Indian couples face infertility. The inability to conceive causes emotional trauma for the couple. But how many are aware of the wonderful fertility treatment options that exist in India and how many are willing to discuss the issue openly? Just a handful only. There is a huge gap in terms of available treatment options and couples struggling with fertility. Oasis Fertility acts as a bridge by creating awareness and making treatments affordable and accessible in all geographies.

Breaking Down Barriers Educating and empowering the public about infertility can bring about dramatic change. Through several initiatives such as Facebook Live, webinars and talk shows from fertility specialists across India and by organizing fertility counseling camps in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, Oasis Fertility is trying every possible ways to raise awareness about infertility and also educate them about treatment options.

Oasis Fertility has set up AndroLife clinics exclusively for male patients. By creating a dedicated space and privacy for men, they help men break down barriers and discuss their fertility issues with andrologists. Although men contribute 50% of infertility, most men deny it for fear of embarrassment and isolation. Unless both husband and wife undergo a fertility evaluation, the root cause of infertility cannot be identified and tailored fertility treatment plans cannot be created to enable couples to overcome the infertility and achieving parenthood.

Speak Out Infertility is like any other health problem. Couples need to come out of misconceptions, fear, inhibitions and talk to a fertility specialist about their issues. Silence can lead to no solution. Couples need to talk openly about their issues and support each other because infertility is emotionally and physically taxing. They can participate in various online forums/communities that support couples struggling with fertility and listen to real life stories of other couples who have gone through the same phase and overcome infertility.

Oasis Fertility creates several opportunities for couples to confide in and talk to our fertility specialists. Oasis Fertility provides a nurturing, compassionate and safe environment for couples to embark on their journey of parenthood.

Asking for help A woman’s biological clock cannot be rewound and most are unaware that fertility declines with age. It is essential to seek help at the right time. Even if the couple wishes to postpone parenthood, they should take appropriate measures like social freezing by which they can preserve their fertility and conceive later in the future. Oasis Fertility operates in over 25 locations across India even in Tier 2 and 3 cities. If the couple is unable to conceive even after 1 year of trying, it is important to consult a fertility specialist .

Make informed decisions A couple should understand the pros and cons of fertility treatments and have realistic expectations. One size does not apply in the case of fertility treatments. For each couple, exclusive personalized fertility treatments should be designed by the fertility specialist based on age, medical history, health condition, etc. of the couple. Discussing each step of treatment with a fertility specialist will provide clarity and allow couples to make informed decisions about their parenthood journey.

Holistic approach @ Oasis Fertility: At Oasis, we believe that only a holistic approach including several aspects such as diet, exercise, medication, lifestyle and treatment can enable couples to overcome infertility and become happy parents.

We have exclusive in-house nutritionists who provide specific diet plans for weight loss, weight gain, PCOS and several other issues and offer guidance to couples throughout their parenting journey enabling them to be healthy. healthy and fit.

Wellness experts and in-house psychologists provide much-needed emotional support for couples. They motivate couples and dispel their fears, anxieties, and inhibitions by creating personalized wellness treatment plans that include meditation, psychotherapy, counseling, and more. which can alleviate negativity and make couples feel confident, calm and stress-free.

Financial counselors help couples understand the financial aspect of treatment and explain in detail EMI options, discounts, etc. that allow the couple to have financial clarity before treatment.

Our fertility specialists are compassionate and spend a good quality of time with couples preparing them mentally, physically and emotionally for the journey of parenthood. Let’s break down the barriers to parenthood together!

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