PHOTOS, VIDEO: Visit a Princess and the Frog-themed interior cabin aboard Disney Wish

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Our particular cabin was number 9000, just at the bow of the ship. The sign in the room depicts Archimedes from “The Sword in the Stone”.

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The room itself is of course not very large, the most visible example being the extremely tight space between the sofa bed and the entrance.

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There is a fair amount of storage space inside the room alongside a small vanity.

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The vanity includes glasses, a stool and drawers. Resting on the desk is a gift for taking part in an inaugural ride on the Disney Wish.

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In the drawers we see a hair dryer and a protective mat for curling irons and other heated styling tools.

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The right drawer holds stationery and door hangers.

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And finally, we have a mini fridge downstairs, next to where the stool slides in.

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Glass lids feature the Disney Cruise Line logo.

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Inside the storage there are wardrobes, including bathrobes, as well as plenty of shelving. Life jackets are stowed at the very top.

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Inside there is also a safe with a digital code lock.

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The office has plenty of power outlets – type A for the US and Japan mainly, so international guests should bring a plug converter. USB Type A and C ports are also available.

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The fold-out sofa has a table that can be moved easily.

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Sheets and a pillow are hidden behind the sofa, but folding it takes a bit of strength.

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As the room is themed “The Princess and the Frog”, artwork featuring Tiana is featured, including above the fold-out couch.

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The bathroom is quite compact. Luckily, there’s a mirror big enough to get ready and groomed before you start your day cruising. It of course has a sink, shower and toilet, with ample counter space for any toiletries you may have brought.

The shelves above hold extra towels, body oil and lotion.

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The bath/shower combo comes with refillable body soap, shampoo and conditioner. Additional shelves are available if you prefer to bring something yourself.

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Baths are also an option if desired, although it is a bit on the small side.

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The bed itself is a double bed, with a privacy curtain available if you are sharing the room.

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The bed has a great Disney Wish bed runner in seafoam green and white. The “Wish” logo takes center stage, framed top and bottom by the Disney Cruise Line logo.

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Above the bed hangs a beautiful piece of art depicting Tiana and Naveen kissing in the bayou surrounded by their animal friends.

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The pillowcase has a brown lining around where you will place your head.

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The bedspread itself also features the inlaid Disney Cruise Line logo.

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The television is oddly located to the left of the bed. An interesting design choice for sure.

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The left side of the bed includes reading lamps, light switches, USB Type-A ports, and a Type-C power outlet common in Europe, South America, and parts of Asia.

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The lampshade also features an inlaid Disney motif.

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There is also a drawer.

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The rug has a blue and white pattern with shamrocks and inlaid floral designs.

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For you Americans, the right side has USB Type A and C ports and two standard Type A outlets used in the US and Japan.

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The rather narrow passage makes things a little tight, but it’s still a nice room. You can learn a little more about the “Princess and the Frog” interior cabin on the Disney Wish with our video tour below.

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