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Princess Cruises pride themselves on fabulous cuisine aboard its ships, but high-quality feasting isn’t just at sea thanks to the line’s shore food tours.

Let’s be honest, food is a central concern for many cruise lines, whether you’re at the buffet, in a specialty restaurant, or in room service.

Great food can really enhance the vacation experience and this is something you are guaranteed to get on well respected cruise lines like Princess Cruises.

However, while Princess is undeniably a master of food and drink on board (did you know that all breads and pastries are handcrafted on ships?), The brand also offers a range of food-focused cruise excursions.

These not only see you munching on delicious meals and treats, but also meeting local experts and learning all about the food and the region through their eyes, whether it’s making a ceviche with a Mexican, or cooking. a Norman dessert with a French chef or taste a beer with an Estonian. brewer.

Here we take a look at some of the food trips you can take when sail with Princess.

Cruises cruises for French gourmets

Princess passengers visiting Normandy and Paris might well know the wonders of the Bayeux Tapestry, the battlefields and the Arc de Triomphe. However, a lesser-known activity in this beautiful corner of Europe is preparing delicious Norman cuisine.

Ideal for those who have visited the area before and are looking for something a little different, the Local Connections: Home Cooking: Home Cooking with a Seasoned Chef shore excursion includes a cooking class with a famous cook in the middle of a beautiful countryside.

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The princess’s guests will join chef Brigitte Dumant in her country house in Saint-Etienne-La-Thillayes in Calvados (yes, of the fame of cider) to learn how to prepare two typical Norman dishes followed by, but yes, by eating them.

You will be able to prepare a main course and dessert during the session, while picking up interesting treats and tips from Brigitte’s French cuisine.

Don’t forget to look up and admire the scenery, the Maison Longue du Chef in the Marais, its pasture spotted with cows and goats, is a perfect setting. If the weather is nice, you can also eat your own gourmet creations in the garden.

Normandy min

Normandy: A lesser-known activity in this beautiful corner of Europe is preparing delicious local dishes. Credit: Shutterstock

Cruise excursions for seafood lovers

Ah, the fresh and tangy seafood, the salty scent of the sea air, the scorching sun that warms your face … welcome to Mexico.

Princess Cruises offers a variety of Mexican cruises – 10-day Baja Peninsula and Sea of ​​Cortez, for example, or the seven-day Mexican Riviera – that stop at the coastal town of Mazatlán, enjoying a wonderful climate throughout. year.

This is also where you’ll learn how to make – and eat – ceviche. The South American dish is usually made with fresh raw fish cured in lemon or lime juice (and yes, it pairs well with margaritas in case you’re wondering …)

Shore Excursion Local Connections: Making ceviche with a renowned chef and restaurateur, you will be able to do exactly what is written on the box.

Cruise passengers will head to the modern seafood bar Compania Minera, one of Chef Diego Becerra’s three restaurants. A local restaurateur, he has taken the traditional dishes of Mazatlán and elevated them to a world-class restaurant.

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At Compania Minera, you will be treated to a cooking demonstration in which you will learn how to make a ceviche balanced in acid, flavors and textures.

You’ll be working with the freshest ingredients and using techniques that apply to any combination of seafood you can imagine – which will surely give you some bragging rights the next time you have friends over for dinner at the. House.

Immerse yourself in a tasting of three different ceviches – cooked shrimp aguachile, red octopus ceviche, and black squid ceviche, all paired with local beer and Los Osuna, the state’s latest blue agave liquor.

Don’t worry, you’ll have time to explore the area as well. The restaurant is located in the Centro Historico de Mazatlán, or Old Town, and is home to century-old historical attractions.

The excursion includes a short guided walk taking you to highlights such as Machado Square, home to colonial buildings, canobio arches, and the Angela Peralta opera house – as well as the locals who often gather here to relax and chat. . Hello !

Ceviche min

Ceviche is usually made from fresh raw fish dried in lemon or lime juice. Credit: Shutterstock

Cruise tours for wine lovers

If you are looking for the best wines, France is for you, and those traveling to the wine Bordeaux paradise can enjoy the Château du Médoc excursion and wine tasting.

During this tour, you will stop at one of the region’s most famous estates where your hosts will show you around the cellars to learn all about Bordeaux’s precious Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc grape varieties.

Anecdote: 728 million bottles of Bordeaux are produced each year and the biggest importer of wine is China!

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And, if you’re wondering if any will be imported into your mouth during the excursion, don’t worry. There are of course tastings and the possibility of buying some to take away (no judgment on our part if it’s entirely for you). Did you know that 23 bottles of Bordeaux wine are sold every second around the world?

It is not only sips of good things that will be offered to you, the journey from the Verdon to the Medoc castles offers magnificent views.

The famous Route des Châteaux crosses kilometers of green wine estates. Look for road signs pointing to legendary place names you are likely to recognize such as Châteaux Margaux, Latour, Cos d’Estournel or Lafite Rothschild.

Bordeaux min 1

The Bordeaux wine region offers spectacular scenery as well as delicious drinks! Credit: Shutterstock

Cruise tours for beer lovers

What is that? A shore excursion with a mixed flight of craft beers and a variety of snacks? Sign us up!

Yes, indeed, when cruising to Tallinn, Estonia with Princess, you can book on the Local Connections: Old Town & Beer Tasting With Master Brewer trip.

This will take you to a stroll through the historic Old Town of Tallinn, which UNESCO notes is an “exceptionally complete and well-preserved” medieval town.

Built between the 13th and 19th centuries, the intimate district is full of colorful houses, half-hidden courtyards, old watchtowers and well-preserved churches.

The town hall square is a highlight. It was once the center of the Hanseatic League, a powerful trading network of towns around the Baltic and North Sea, and goods were peddled from all over the world to the central market here.

Today the square is the perfect photo subject so don’t forget to spot the 615-year-old Town Hall with a red earthen roof and decorated with waterspouts in the shape of dragons.

Next up is a 145-year-old warehouse in front of the harbor, where you’ll meet master brewer Mario Lehis for a tour of Kochi’s microbrewery, proud of its craft beers.

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Mario will share the secrets of his work and, of course, make you taste his authentic Estonian beers. In fact, according to the Kochi Microbrewery, there are health benefits to swallowing the yeast drink.

Because self-brewed beers have not been filtered or pasteurized, they are left “alive,” which allows the beer to retain all of the vitamins. Indeed, a glass of beer would have your recommended daily intake of vitamin B!

The benefits of beer don’t end there, says the brewery: Beer contains antioxidants from malt, making it effective in preventing cardiovascular disease and cancer; it is rich in potassium and low in sodium, which gives it a diuretic effect; and it is abundant in magnesium and low in calcium, which helps prevent heart disease and the formation of gallstones or kidney stones.

Oh, and it’s also got fewer calories than you might think, so go ahead and drink it!

Then it’s back to the luxurious comfort of your Princess ship. Anyone hungry?

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