Princess Leonor of Spain: in an impressive school in Wales with outdoor cinema

Princess Leonor completed her first year at UWC Atlantic College, Wales this summer. The private school located in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales, is a luxurious campus with 50 hectares of woodland and private access to the sea.

UWC Atlantic College is in St Donat’s, a 12th-century castle once owned by American businessman William Randolph Hearst, also known for inspiring the movie Citizen Kane.

It is reported that more than 300 students from more than 80 different countries between the ages of 16 and 19 are currently studying at Princess Leonor School.

She is not the only royal, however, as Princess Alexia, the daughter of Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, is also studying at the institution.

The school has several dining rooms, meeting rooms and an indoor swimming pool.

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The website explains that student accommodation includes “dormitory-style rooms for four students, modern bathrooms complemented by bright and attractive study spaces, day rooms and kitchens.”

Princess Leonor is believed to have shared a room with three girls from different countries, Spanish newspaper 20 Minutes reported.

Outside, students can enjoy a Tudor-style garden, an outdoor swimming pool and a private outdoor cinema.

The school’s impressive open-air cinema is probably one of the students’ favorite activities, which they can enjoy when the weather permits.


Musical events, plays and the annual Christmas party are also held at the castle each year.

Students can choose to participate in a number of extracurricular activities, including tennis, Zumba, Tai Chi, and natural fitness.

The school shared a photo on social media explaining, “Here are some of our students who have chosen Tai Chi as one of their extracurricular activities.

“Tai Chi is a great way to practice a new activity and reap many health and wellness benefits.”

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Natural Fitness is also offered as an outdoor activity and involves running barefoot on campus.

The website explained: “At UWC Atlantic, we are fortunate to have such a large campus, which is fully utilized by natural fitness activity. A common activity for the session is barefoot running. around campus, across fields and through woods.

“It really helps the students connect with the environment. They also regularly use the waterfront, doing push-ups on the shore or hauling large pieces of wood that have washed up on land.”

Other activities include gardening, potting and kitting.

The school’s website states: “The creative knitting activity is a chance for students to relax, learn a new skill and maybe even knit something cool to keep warm in cold weather. Welsh!

“The group meets in the Moondance Sports Hall cafe, making the most of the comfy sofas. Knitting is a very mindful activity (once you get the hang of it!), so all students enjoy and feel relaxed after a session.”

The Spanish Royal Family shared photos of Princess Leonor on the first day she joined Welsh School, but her privacy has been respected ever since.

Before moving to Wales, Princess Leonor attended Santa María de los Rosales public school in Madrid with her sister Infanta Sofia.

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