Real PDL Help offers programs to help clients regain control of payday lenders

Real PDL Help offers a viable solution to help clients regain financial control and get out of debt. While payday loan consolidation companies come in all shapes and sizes and help consolidate payday loan debt, Real PDL Help does a lot more. Their team of Payday Loan Debt Relief Specialists work one-on-one with clients struggling with overwhelming payday loans. The company’s programs are specially designed to reduce overall payday loan debt to a reasonable amount, based on income, which helps clients get out of debt quickly and realistically.

Real PDL Help guides customers through the process with step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions, clear advice, and support for payroll consolidation ready. Their team provides the tools to settle payday loans once and for all, and help clients take action to protect themselves from collectors and get payday lenders out of their bank accounts. And most importantly, Real PDL Help provides the support needed to navigate this otherwise overwhelming and often confusing process.

The company works with its clients to negotiate a lower interest rate on payday loans and consolidate loans to make repayment manageable. By consolidating loans, it also decreases the number of lenders that a customer has to pay monthly. Instead, clients make a one-time monthly payment to the payday loan specialist who in turn pays the amount to various lenders. Additionally, Real PDL Help will work with lenders to reduce or completely eliminate late fees. Clients are better able to manage their debt and free themselves from harassing calls from creditors and their debt collectors.

“Taking out a payday loan can be an easy and quick way to overcome a financial crisis, however, payday loans lead to a slippery slope of large amounts of unwanted debt that may be impossible to repay,” explains Todd webb, CEO of Real PDL Help. “If you are struggling with growing debt and the stress of increasing payday loans, you are not alone. The vicious cycle of revolving loans and interest-only payments is not your only option.

Real PDL Help provides free advice to help their clients find a realistic and manageable way out of payday loan debt. For more information visit

About Real PDL Help

Real PDL Help works one-on-one with clients struggling with the crushing burden of payday loans. Their goal is to reduce stress, help clients get out of debt, and do so in a way that matches their specific income level. Contact Real PDL Help for a free consultation.


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