Shards of Harmony from the Lost Ark [7 Best Ways To Get]

Lost Ark offers its players a fast and fun experience with the best Lost Ark trade skills, farming methods, Lost Ark skins, crafting items, Lost Ark classes and many more. The game also offers a variety of equipment, and if you want to upgrade it, you need Shards of Harmony. The gear upgrade system is based on Harmony Shards, and you’ll always find yourself looking for more. We’ve covered the best Lost Ark ways to get Harmony Shards in this guide.

Harmony Shards are the best way to upgrade your gear. It is also the first gate of progression and is not easy to obtain. The guide will tell you all the ways that will help you get Harmony Shards so you can upgrade your gear. While you’re at it, consider reading our Lost Ark Berserker and Paladin Build guides.

Best Ways To Get Harmony Fragments

There are different currencies in Lost Ark, and when looking for Gold and Pirate Coins, players usually overlook Harmony Fragments. We’ll make you realize how valuable these Harmony Shards are and how they help you improve your gear.

They are mostly required in the endgame, so we’ll discuss how you can constantly search for Harmony Fragments and collect them. Follow the guide’s instructions on each method to get as many Harmony Shards as you want.

Island Quests

Obtain Fragments of Harmony from Island Quests

Island quests will become available once you reach Gear Level 250. Do not complete quests that require you to leave the island. Completing the Island Quests will earn you enough rewards and Harmony Shards to increase your Gear Level to 300. You must complete the Island Quests to get the best results from the Harmony Shards.

  • island of serenity
  • Toto’s Silver Island
  • Liberty Island
  • Blackfang’s Lair
  • Peyto Island
  • Stella
  • lullaby island
  • starlight island
  • panda island
  • Dreamgull Island
  • The Island of White Waves
  • Island of golden waves
  • Shadow Island
  • Kalthertz

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Chaos Dungeons

Lost Ark ways to get harmony shards
Chaos Dungeons

Completing Chaos Dungeon also helps you earn Harmony Fragments. There are two ways to earn them, first by getting the daily rewards and second by trading in the useful items. Daily rewards are available twice a day, and once you’ve finished claiming them, you can continue playing the Chaos Dungeon.

You will earn various rewards by playing in the Chaos Dungeon which you can exchange for other valuable items at the Chaos Dungeon Exchange NPC. The exchange function of these items is time-limited, but you can exchange Perception Fragments for Harmony Fragments.

The North Vern Resonance Dungeon is one of the Chaos Dungeons that offers Resonance Shards. Completing both runs in the North Vern Resonance Dungeons will help you earn Purification Fragments which can be exchanged for the Harmony Fragments later.

Gates of Chaos

Chaos Gates is a way to collect Harmony Fragments. You’ll need to be careful to complete World Events, including Chaos Gates. When it spawns, head to the Chaos Door closest to your gear level. Completing the Chaos Gate will help you earn Harmony Shards.

Lost Ark Chaos Gate
Gates of Chaos

Trade with a Merchant Ship

There is a special Merchant Ship in the game that gives players a chance to exchange Pirate Coins for Harmony Shards. The ship is known as the “Tea and Libra Guild Ship,” which you can find at any of the ports including Lost Ark Turtle Island, Forpe Island, Estella Island, or Ocean Paradise Payto.

If you want to earn Pirate Coins, so you have plenty to trade for Harmony Shards, you can visit the following islands. Completing quests on these islands will earn you Pirate Coins. To learn more about the islands, be sure to read the Lost Ark Islands Guide.

  • lullaby island
  • Giant Mushroom Island
  • runaway island
  • Island of golden waves
  • The sublime island
  • Peyto and the Ice Island
  • Liberty Island
  • Blackfang’s Lair
  • Kalthertz
  • Atropos
  • Cradle of the Sea Fermata
Lost Ark Trade Ship
Trade with Merchant Ship

Do your daily

The easiest tip for earning Harmony Fragments is to do Dailies. Like any other MMO, Lost Ark also rewards players with valuable items by completing Daily Tasks, also known as Una’s Tasks. Completing the tasks in Lost Ark Una will reward you with various things, including Harmony Shards.

Daily Tasks in the Lost Ark
Do the daily

Join a guild

Shards of Harmony from the Lost Ark
Join a guild

You can join any guild you want. You must play with eight friends to create your own guild. However, if you are not playing with eight friends at the moment, you can always create a guild by recruiting more members. Whatever path you follow to join a guild, but once you are in a guild, follow the given steps to acquire Harmony Fragments.

  • Donate 6000 silver coins to your guild. You should repeat this step every day.
  • Complete the weekly guild quests available in-game.
  • You will need to upgrade the Silmael Bloodstone shop to level 2.
  • Now you can exchange Bloodstones for Harmony Fragments in the Silmael Shop. The exchange can take place once a week and you can find the store in all major cities.

Complete Shadespire Tower

One of the most time-consuming but best way to earn Harmony Fragments is the Shade Tower. You will have to progress through the 50 floors of the tower, which is available to players towards the endgame.

If you want to farm Harmony Fragments in Shadspire Tower, you will need to create an alternate character for it. To complete a run through Shadespire Tower, you’ll complete the first tower run with the alternate character and the second run with your main character.

The reason to run round two with your main character is to get Harmony Fragments. The tower rewards players based on their character. Using the alternate character for round one will reward the player with different things than for round two. The second run with the main character will then be rewarded with Shards of Harmony.

If you complete 50 floors of Shadspire Tower with your main character in round two, you can earn over 20,000 Harmony Shards. As mentioned at the start, Shadspire Tower takes time, but the number of Shards of Harmony it rewards players with is worth it.


You’ll need Shards of Harmony to upgrade gear in the game, and you need to learn the best ways to get them. We’ve discussed all the ways to get Harmony Fragments in Lost Ark. Follow the instructions mentioned above to progress faster in the game by upgrading equipment.

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