Two years later, this is what happened to Pullmantur and its fleet

In June 2020, Pullmantur Cruceros filed for reorganization under Spanish law. Two years later, Cruise Industry News looks at the fate of the Spanish cruise line and its ships.


While initially keeping some of its crew ashore and hoping to resume service with vessels from other operators, Pullmantur ended up being closed last year.

Unable to secure funding for its comeback, the cruise line was wound up by its insolvency administrators in July 2021 – a year after the reorganization petition was first filed.

According to Spanish media, the decision was also based on the evolution of the pandemic, which made it more difficult to predict when the company could resume regular operations around the world.

Year of construction: 1988
Ability: 2,322 guests
Tonnage: 73 192
Status: Scrapped in Aliaga, Turkey

The Sovereign was one of the first ships to run aground for demolition during the pandemic. As part of Pullmantur’s reorganization process, the 1988-built ship was returned to the Royal Caribbean Group before being sold to Turkish breakers.

In July 2020, just weeks after leaving the company’s fleet, the vessel arrived at the Aliaga shipbreaking yard to be dismantled.

Year of construction: 1990
Ability: 1,442 guests
Tonnage: 47,000
Status: Disarmed in Greece

Also returned to the Royal Caribbean Group during the Pullmantur reorganization process, the Horizon remained decommissioned in Greece.

Instead of joining her fleet mates at Aliaga Breakers as planned, the ship proceeded to Elefsis Bay, where she remains anchored with other cruise ships to this day.

Year of construction: 1991
Ability: 2,390 guests
Tonnage: 73,941
Status: Scrapped in Aliaga, Turkey

In a similar situation, the monarch arrived at the Aliaga shipbreaking yard with the sovereign.

Like her sister ship, the former Monarch of the Seas was returned to the Royal Caribbean Group before being sold for Turkish scrap in July 2020.

Year of construction: 1992
Ability: 1,441 guests
Tonnage: 47,255
Status: Renamed TSM Singapore after two years of immobilization in Greece

After being sold to Peace Boat Organization in 2019, Zenith left Pullmantur’s fleet a few months before the company asked for a reorganization. However, following the COVID-19 pandemic, the ship never entered service for its new operators and instead spent almost two years in Greece.

In June 2022, the 1992-built ship was again sold, receiving the name TSM Singapore before sailing to Asia. Currently moored in Oman, she still faces an uncertain future.

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